Visual Artist & Commercial photographer based in Auckland


With over 10 years in industry as an international visual artist and photographer, Mustafa Sheikh’s work is seen in major publications like NatGeo, Harpers Bazaar to name a few, for his commercial works, trusted by clients across Middle east, South Asia, Europe and now New Zealand.

His work is a combination of exotic travel destinations, futuristic architecture, breath-taking sundown experiences and some places only a few humans have experienced. Moving countries and continents, living at the intersection of cultures, he has photographed a wide spectrum of genres and moods, from busy streets of South Asian cities, to silence of the Middle eastern desert, luxury of private resorts, futuristic architecture of Dubai and Shanghai to farm life and starry nights of New Zealand.

Be it a landscape image in New Zealand or Sky scrapper in Dubai, his works are always about inviting the viewer to experience that moment, that sun ray, the splash of warm salty beach water, captured once and gone forever.


— Automotive Photography

— Architecture Real estate Photography

— Portrait & Fashion Photography

— Food Photography

— Travel & Landscape Photography

— Fine art series

Locations of residence and work

Dubai — Auckland