A vivid dream

Srilanka - A vivid dream

Sri Lanka is a lush-green covered island country in South Asia on the southeast of Arabian sea.
Majority of the country is green forest and others parts, just endless shorelines of waves crashing against the rocks and the sound of wind through the coconut trees.
Besides the scenic island views, Srilanka is home to the largest animal on earth, the elephant.

However, what made my trip to Sri lanka (January 2020) more memoriable is to experience the authentic Sri Lankan culture, hospitality and sunset at beacehs where the local sri lankans hang out.

The atmosphere around the islands is not only scenic but quiet and calm. Early morning you hear the chirping of the birds and distant voice of prayer rituals and some fire smoke in the air.

You might encounter a few monkeys on the trees if you shower in an open ceiling fresh air bathing area.

Srilanka has many temples and infact some of the biggest buddhist statues. Every evening the worshippers gather at these temples, with flowers with their evening prayer rituals.

The evenings stage a dramatic organce sunset with silhouettes of young ones either dancing to the drum beats or playing in the sea until it gets dark, when you’ll observec many of the sri lankan locals, just sitting by the sea, listening to the waves.

The lifestyle is fairly simple, small houses busy streets, at least in the bigger cities and a big smile on everyone’s face, an island full of life.